Website Issue - Ardour Finance sections

I have logged into my account this morning and have seen that in the “Ardour Finance” column on the right hand of the screen it is showing someone else’s user name. Instead of AllanK it is showing ICoppo…

Didn’t think this was one for Mantis (no category for it) so put this topic here.



yeah good preference ahahata… but if it impacts Paul’s income then it is just as important…today it is saying I am linuxDSP… and while I bought the amazing Pulteq EQ and FC70 yesterday, I am not the man that created them…

strange … I’ve logged in from work… this time on windows 7 and it’s fine… browser was the same … (Chrome)

It’s done the same to me. I posted a message about it here, and as soon as I’d posted, my own name was back in that corner. Obviously something doesn’t update when you log in, or some stale data is getting cached.

I’m in favour of Paul getting A3 released soon in preference to spending time on an intermittent web site bug.