Web Surface for Shortcuts

I was contemplating buying a Stream Deck to use for shortcuts in Ardour. On the other hand, I thought that maybe that would be possible using Web Surface interface and a tablet.

Is that possible, in other words, is it possible to bind buttons in the interface to “shortcuts” (or actions, I guess) in Ardour? Would it be simple?

It may be even simpler than that. I’d use OSC.

You can trigger any Menu Action (and more) with a message over the network.

Enable Preferences > Control Surfaces > OSC, then try it from the command-line. e.g:

oscsend osc.udp://localhost:3819 /access_action/Main/New

There are already apps that can send OSC from a tablet, notably TouchOSC, but search the web for “open sound control tablet”.

Ah, nice! I will look into it. Thanks again!

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