We don't want you! Complete session available



A piece of music about the feeling of being rejected. Don’t worry about me, I just had to let off some steam in a way :wink:

Online player, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Flac, all on the Internet Archive.

While all sounds originate from my mouth or household objects, I did mean things to some of them :slight_smile:

Mastered with Jamin.

There’s also a tar archive of the Ardour session with wavpacked audio files up there. I would love to hear replacements, additions, remixes … :wink:

License: CC-BY-SA

Damn you, its fantastic.
[but lower the sub-bass freqs, please…]

Its so good I fear you can obtain similar results with a VIC20 and an earphone used as a mic.

Or, please, tell me its a joke, and that you’ve tracked-mixed-mastered it in a million-dollars studio, so I can still think about buying expensive outboards.

Heh, thanks!

Hmm, usually I’m asked for more, not less bass.

Since you asked for it: Yes, actually I made this in my secret multi-million euros studio hidden in a cave that was once carved out by the Illuminati. Said studio includes a VIC20 and an earphone ^^

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