Way to work with audio samples as MIDI without using a janky sampler?

I’ve been using samplv1 in the past but it always has bugs and issues, and it’s always quite hard to add it in every time. Is there any way to add in audio samples and work with them as MIDI? Such as many other DAWs like LMMS or FL Studio.

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MIDI and audio samples in the same sentence necessarily implies a sampler implementation of some kind. If you don’t like samplev1 you will just have to try others to see if one works for you, LinuxSampler, Multisampler from LSP-Plugins, Decent Sampler, etc.

I created simple sampler plugin a few weeks ago. I’ve built it on Debian, are you using a Debian based distro?

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Very nice @DHealey !

Does it allow for multiple velocity samples per key?

No it’s just a single sample player.

feature request…? :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

I could add the ability to load several samples, let’s say 3, and set a velocity range for each one. Would that do?

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Lets say 5 and that would be incredible! I’m mostly interested in drum sampling capabilities and I usually do 5 velocity layers (like we did in the AVL-Drumkits as an example).

Having a multi-velocity sampler that allows mixing and matching of drum and percussion samples would be heavenly! Thank you for even humouring the question…

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I’ll see what I can do

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Thanks so much! Willing to test or if you want drum samples to test with the samples are all in the SFZ bundles here:


PM me at Linuxmusicians if that is more expedient, thanks again for considering it!

Don’t the samplers in LSP-Plugins have that feature?
Yeah, just double checked and they allow up to 8 samples per note.


Will a Debian build VST3 run on your OS?

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That was amazingly fast!! :exploding_head:

If you’re talking Debian Bullseye it sure should… AV Linux is a Debian variant.

Hi Chris,

That may well be so, I haven’t delved into LSP very deeply personally

I’m on Debian Testing but hopefully it will still work for you.

Hmmm, well this stuff is never easy especially working backwards from newer support libs. The plugin scan fails for me on Ardour 6.9 (official Ardour bundle) at this point in time…

I did check the obvious file permissions first

2022-08-26T18:12:49 [WARNING]: VST3</home/isotester/.vst3/Sample Auditioner.vst3>: Scan Failed.

It’s working for me in A6.9, I suspect it’s something OS version related. I’ll fire up my proper build system that has an older version and see if that’s any better.

Please try this one - Sample Auditioner Linux.zip - pCloud

Thanks very much for your patience, the new upload does scan and open in Ardour so that’s good… I can’t seem to get it to open a file browser to find samples and there are some residual file paths from your machine in the browser history but maybe these are simply work in progress issues, the Plugin is now found and does open in Ardour. Thanks so much so far, this is some very impressive work!

Ah that’s annoying. I have the same issue, the file browser doesn’t open in Ardour or Qtractor, but it does in Reaper and Carla. Looks like I have some bug hunting to do.