Searching a good Sampler for Linux

i searched very long and the best i found now is the Redux Sampler

But maybe someone of you has a better instrument.

I want only drag an drop some .wav’s and play that samples. it would be nice, to have some effects like reverb, chorus or delay.

Greetings, Stefan

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As I know this is not implemented yet. As a feature request I also would like to hold with. But again as I know - this is not a simple task. I had some conversation in GitHub once:

Being none-programmer I understood this is related with GTK 2 parts of Ardour’s GUI in Import window somehow. Ardour uses GTK 2 - it’s old. The new versions of GTK supports drag&drop, but Ardour is not going to change the old GTK version.

One thing I was (“was” being very important :slight_smile: ) considering investing some time in was some javascript (i.e. website) which would generate an sfz file for you, which you could then use in sforzando/sfizz. Could probably also be drag-n-drop. But as my years away from that kind of work increases, I don’t find life getting any worse :stuck_out_tongue:

But, if that lights a fire under anyone, all the better :slight_smile: Start out very basic, map a sound file to a certain note or range of the keyboard, etc. Seems do-able.

Drag and drop is not important. I tested Redux and it’s for me the best i could find.
But maybe you guys have another tipps for an Sampler - i want start now with the Samper unter Linux and so i search a bit time, to find the right.

@stefan-franz, have you tried one of the sampler plugins from Linux Studio Plugins? E.g., the simplest one seems to be the Sampler Stereo plugin.


That sampler is only for some effects in my opinion. I need a sampler to play a sound over a full keyboard.

Really look into that Linux Studio Plugins suggestion.

If you don’t mind editing a text file, the SFZ format, in combination with a good SFZ player (I like sfizz), might be what you need. The most basic melodic SFZ preset (one sample mapped to all possible notes) would look like:

<region> sample=your_sample.wav pitch_keycenter=60 // or C4, or whatever is the natural pitch.

Hello, i meant a sampler like this is:

Thats from Redux. To use a few samples and select the key range, transpose etc.
Te LSP Samplers from the Linux Studio Plugins are very spartanic.

I think, at this time there’s no any alternatives to Redux, if you mean linux native. I could advise shortcircuit from Vemberaudio (author of Surge) - but it’s only under wine + yabridge. It’s a very old one, but powerfull (Mapping, ADSRs, envelopes, modulation…)

The native linux stuff like samplv1, drumkv1, LSP samplers can not offer such wide functionality. Samplv1 has possibilities to control start, end point of playing a loop, pitch shifting, ADSR, LFO and reverb, delay effects - but control faders and envelopes visuslisation - are not so developed like in shortcircuit (I didn’t test Redux yet, but by screenshots I suppose it has even better functions).
I look to the HISE side as a possible future sampler tool.

The HISE itself can’t do manipulations through the DAW - it lets the user to prepare a sample based instrument like .sfz or .sf2 outside of the DAW and use it after as a vst-plugin. Nevertheless, one man @DHealey (a very skilled HISE programmer) wrote some version of sampler, which can do a wide spectrum inside a DAW:

It’s still raw, but if he succeeds to implement all HISE’s features in to his plugin - this will be so powerfull like kontakt.

PS/ If you already have a full version of Redux - it’s best native linux tool for today, I suppose.

I guess I don’t know what your goals are. Do you want to make a sample-based instrument, or just play music using a variety of them? The DecentSampler player focuses on the latter, with a large and growing number of instruments available, both from its own marketplace and from Pianobook. The DecentSampler file format supports velocity layers, round robins, and “release samples” (which I guess correspond to the “Note Off” layer in your image), as well as custom GUIs exposing ADSR envelopes, effects, and mixing between samples (e.g., mic positions).

FWIW, if you do want to make your own instruments, the most recent versions offer a beta version of a “sample editor,” where the GUI looks a bit like the image you posted. I haven’t really used the GUI to date, as I find editing the XML file just as easy, and faster (but I literally spend my days working in a text editor, so that is second nature to me).

The DecentSampler player doesn’t support mapping inside a DAW, it’s also like HISE. You can prepare some sample library with these tools, may be even make some control faders, but for example you can’t do mapping inside a DAW.

HISE is not the tool you’re after. HISE is an IDE for developers to create plugins. sfizz is what I’d use in this case.

@DHealey I’d like to to clarify, if you’re here :))
Is this you sampler not built on the HISE base?:

Sample Auditioner Linux

I mean what amazing tool could your plugin become if we could use it like that:

Yes that plugin was built with HISE.

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I can recommend the TAL-Sampler: TAL Software

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That’s good! I’ve just tested a demo version. Wide functionality and sample browser! Thanks!

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