Way to use software plugins as hardware inserts

If someone was only running Linux to because they just prefer to but they wanted to use some of their proprietary plugins that Linux doesn’t support, is there a way to use software plugins to route into ardour Linux somehow using jack or Carla or something.

That is exactly what Jack is for. You can route between any audio applications that support Jack on any OS (Though these are far more numerous on Linux). It is a more complex setup and will introduce a steeper learning curve, but is more powerful for situations like this.


If their license allows it, you can probably use

But if you really depend on those plugins you should use Windows (or MacOS) instead, or ask the vendor to provide you with a Linux version.

So if a person has a Linux machine and a windows machine I mean not sure if it’s possible to use jack to route inputs and outputs across 2 computers.

But I know if I have 2 audio interfaces with ins and outs I guess that would work as well and support any real outboard gear I may have and want to use.

I know using windows plugins via wine is a far better solution. But I just wanted to see if something like this is possible.

I have reached out to multiple companies but they seem to either not be interested or not willing to even bother based on the popularity and usage of current major platforms which I understand.

Yes, Ardour does not know nor care if the external send/return is connected a hardware reverb unit, or a windows machine.

Keep in mind that there is additional latency sending the signal forth and back. This may or may not be acceptable, depending on your use-case (Ardour external sends offer to measure and later compensate for that).

Also the the state (settings) of the external gear is obviously not saved with the session.

PS. In theory net-jack can be used to send data over the network to a windows PC, but for the case at hand, a VST bridge is far easier to setup and more reliable.

Yeah, sad but true. It’s getting better though lately with Reaper and Bitwig around, more and more companies offer Linux binaries as well.

Thanks for reaching out to those companies. Users asking for Linux support is important, otherwise they’ll never consider it!

If you have a Windows box to host the plugins take a look at AudioGridder.

This is cool, I’m looking into it now. I wonder if it will work on arm based machines like raspberry Pi

Ya I’ve seen more slowly are at least making beta unsupported versions but still making them available. Little by little I see growth.

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