Way to prevent piano roll note name expand animation

I like that Ardour is continuing to improve upon MIDI / Piano Roll.

I had some recommendations that I was going to request in the future and have been noticing that many of them have actually already been added recently, which is really nice.

Sometimes animation / moments where objects shift around on screen when buttons are pushed can feel a bit strange. I like that Ardour has added the ability to see note names and probably not really any other way to do this, but was wondering if it was possible to be able to turn this feature off and maybe offer OPTION for adding a hotkey to show / hide note names if user decides to view them, rather than doing this be default when using piano roll tools, such as the “draw” tool.

When going between hotkeys “D” and “G” for example, the screen shifts suddenly can be a little sickening at times.

I aplogize if there is already a way to do this, I was just testing Ardour and noticed this animiation was added.

Thank You

This can also fall into the same category as Accessibility and the recent OPTION added to be able to disable flashing lights to users sensitive to this. Same concept can go with unexpected animiations.

Under Preferences > Appearance > Editor, setting “Display note names in MIDI track headers” to “Never” will turn the feature off.

Ahh, I did not know that was available thank you for pointing this out.
I always say, in programming, if you are going to add / change something, always a good idea to add the option to turn it off. Glad the developers offered this setting.
Again nice that this note names feature was added, can be very helpful, might just take some time to get used to, but sometimes screen movements like this can just feel strange at times when swapping between tools (shortcuts).
Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

Don’t think it would be considered / don’t know if it would be worth considering but if that setting in preferences could be linked to a hotkey that toggles the names on / off, might be a good compromise to still be able to use this great new feature.
There is also an option in the drop down list to show “when available” that is really nice, so this isn’t showing all the time with every instrument, just when needed.
Keeping this to show all the time as default, could be a good idea to keep, allows users to know that this feature exists.
This was a feature that I was wanting in the past, was going to mention it but didn’t think there would be a way to achieve this due to Ardours MIDI track layout, nice to see that this was fit in.
I was also going to mention the changing the MIDI track scroll bar and piano graphic but thought I would get denied for mentioning it, nice to see that this was added as well, great stuff.

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