way can I only see USB Uno midi as input?

way can I only see USB Uno midi as input? I want to output midi cc codes to an Korg electribe mx, also i want to sync this with Ardour as master. Is there some settings for this somewhere?


Hello All - I am using Ardour in the Studio 13.37 DAW - this is a Linux compendium of Audio & Video production software that lauches from a USB stick.

I am trying to import a Drum / Percussion track ( “song” ) I created using “HYDROGEN” drum programmer. In the “Import” dialogue box in Ardour, the default places to look for the file do not include the Hydrogen file location. I click “Browse” and type in ( and also paste in, because nothing happened the first time ) the file name + location in the file system in the “Browse” window space - BUT - the “Import” or “Open” button in the lower R. of the Import Dialogue Box remains grayed out - Not active - I cannot open the file, I cannot import the ,flac file, into Ardour . . .

I am using Studio 13.37 - a “Live” Linux Audio Visual compendium which includes ARDOUR in its programs. It is an up-to-date version of Studio 13.37 ( just a few months old ).

Is this an Ardour bug? I have created an AUDIO track in Ardour, and then tried to import the .flac drum pattern . . . Same problem…

What am I doing wrong - Or does it look like a glitch…?

Thank you all in advance for your help!

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Apologies here - My first post - I though I was posting a new topic, and not commenting on Martin Bångens’s post . . . D’oh!