Waves Track-live Based on Ardour

Has anyone seen this?

someone recently posted this in the live sound engineers group on facebook, the post was actually about it being ported to linux.

Is this really based on ardour.

strange that theres no mention of ardour on there site

Yes it is based on Ardour is my understanding. Waves has been working in the background with Paul for some time.


There’s no particular reason for us to mention it here.

It needs almost no work to port it to Linux - I did my development work on Tracks on Linux already. There are about 4 functions related to file browsing that need to be implemented - I didn’t need them during development.

I am not likely to support attempts to create any independent development around Tracks. Although the project is GPL’ed, Waves’ development process is not a normal open source one. It is already enough work managing the relationship between Ardour and Tracks - the idea of another branch just fills me with dread.

im not suggesting that there should be a linux version, to be perfectly honest the normal ardour is more than capable of recording 32 tracks on even an old cheap laptop (ive done several hour recording sessions on my intel core 2 duo with very few issues using internal drive)

im just surprised that the first i heard of this was from someone on the live sound forums and then checking the website there is no mention of ardour. from waves site its advertised like its there own thing and for quite a high price tag.

Waves are very popolar among the live sound industry and obviously in studio.

@veda_sticks well honestly you can get Waves Tracks Live for free, $99 gets you a variety of support and other things from them IIRC.

Tracks Live is available for free download. You may also purchase Tracks Live Premium Service for $99 and receive:

FREE MultiRack (Reg. $600) - limited-time offer
Phone and email tech support
Priority updates and bug fixes


veda_sticks: I don't consider $99 a high price in order to get support plus Multirack.

I see no reason to mention Waves Tracks Live here - its development is almost entirely dissociated from Ardour development. There will be some positive stuff for Ardour arising from my collaboration with Waves, but Tracks itself is not really part of that. If you read the pro-tools expert review, you will see that Tracks' relation to Ardour is acknowledged openly:


The summary is interesting reading.

Ah thats good to hear.

anything benifiting ardour is a good thing.