Waves Plugin generic control not behaving as expected

Hello guys. Here is the situation. I am using Waves Tune Real-Time plugin and I want to bind the different Scale Root notes using MIDI notes and velocity to select various notes. I’ve done this in the past with Reaper. With generic controls in Ardour is not working.
If I click using the plugin GUI on the different notes, I see the exposed Scale Root fader move to different positions that represent the different notes. If I manually move or bind to a fader the same control, I only get two positions (i.e. two notes).
Any clue why the exposed generic control does not have non-binary values? I can see 0 or 1 in the screen tip with the mouse on top.
I’m testing this on a mac.


Which variant are you using AudioUnit, VST2, VST3?

A range from 0…1 internally is typical for VST2. It should still be possible to bind that but perhaps there is an issue or bug with integer stepping. Perhaps try AU of VST3?

I just checked again and it is the VST3 version of the plugin and it is the latest one v12.


Thanks, I also just missed you on IRC.

It looks to be a bug in Ardour, will check tomorrow. Meanwhile could you try the AU or VST2 as workaround?

Un-set Preferences > Plugins > VST > Conceal VST2 Plugin if matching VST3 exists.

Well, AU did work. It does have discrete 0 to 16 values in the generic control, unlike the VST3 version. So it looks like it can work.


OK, glad you found a working solution.

I’ve meanwhile understood and fixed the issue.

Tech details:
The problem was that waves does not support “normalized” VST3 parameters. So instead of discrete integers or an enumeration, a range from 0…1 with steps of 0.0625 is used. This is entirely valid, but unusual for VST3s. However Ardour tried to map this to integers 0…N which failed for values > 1.0. – Fixed in Ardour 7.0-pre0-1043-ge2efb698e0 development version.

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