Waves of regions barely visible...

Hello dear Ardour users.

I’m using ardour for quite a while and happy with it. However, since Ardour-2.0 or 2.1 (can’t remember), I noticed that my waves aren’t drawn correctly. Here are 3 screenshots to show you how it looks. It’s always the same sample, but slightly zoomed. They doesn’t look like the normal ones (like on ardour home page…). The first one is ok, the 2 others aren’t eventhough the zoom is not “deep” at all (the sample is about half a second long).

I tried to reinstall in many ways, nothing change for quite a long time… (could it be a bug?) Any help would be apreciated.

Note on my system: Gentoo linux, ardour compiled from the pro-audio-overlay or portage main tree (with and without vst support, with and without the sys-libs USE flag), xorg-x11-7.2 (and prior to 6.*), Ati-drivers or the OpenGL one. Hardware: Ibm T43, with Ati X300.

You need to clear out one or more files from ~/.ardour2 as noted in the release notes for almost every release since 2.0. The one to start with is ardour2_ui.rc

Also note that you have not stated which version of Ardour you are building/using.


Thanks for the reply, and yes, move the .ardour2 folder, and it works! Damn, I’m going to create new conf files from scratch…That might be good idea to clean things up… :-).

And yes, forget to mention the most important, running the 2.5 version… but that’s a useless info now.

Best regards.