Waves' GTR3 and Ardour 6.5?

Does anybody know if Waves’ GTR3 plugins work with Ardour 6.5 for Windows?

Looking for advice before I buy. Thanks!


They have demo’s for all their plugins. Just try it out and see for yourself.

I’m running some waves plugins on my windows machine for what it’s worth.

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Thanks for the info. So let me ask you this; how does the Waves’ installation work with the fact that Ardour requires plugins to be in “C:\Users\Bob\Documents\Plugins\VST” ?

Yes, waves plugins are known to work with Ardour on Windows and macOS.

Except some users have issues on some machines the GUI comes up flipped (https://forum.waves.com/t/plug-ins-gui-upside-down/2148/3) , so best try before you buy.

You can specify custom locations for VST2 in Ardour > Preferences > VST > VST2 Plugin Path. But overall you may prefer their VST3 versions, which are installed in the standard VST3 path.

Side-note. recent screenshot on https://ardour.org/whatsnew.html shows a Waves VST3 on Windows:

Thanks. That’s great. I did not know that Ardour 6.5 supports vst3 plugins. It doesn’t appear to state that fact in the Ardour documentation. Thanks again.

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