Waves Channel Plugin abnormal behaviour Mac M1


after years on linux machines I am trying to run ardour on a base model 2020 Mac mini M1. So far my interface, plugins (including overtone and izotope ozone) and midi controllers work fine. Then I added the Waves e-channel plugin and for some reason I can’t figure out the input signal jumps into the red (always +40 db). It does not matter if I have an input assigned, arm or not arm the track or anything else. You can’t hear anything when this happens, although I was afraid it would destroy my headphones.

The input signal only goes down when I bypass the plugin or move down the channel fader completely. It moves immediately to +40 when I move the channel fader a tiny bit upwards again. The internal plugin controls via the gui don’t change anything at all. Since all other plugins seem to work fine and waves is claiming that the e-channel runs on silicon chips I am lost.

I am not even sure that this has to do anything with ardour.
I am using Version 14.0 of said plugin with the latest Waves Central version.

Does anybody have any idea?

Greetings from Berlin,


Edit: I tried Reaper and it works, so i guess it is somehow ardour that causes this.

Does Waves provide different plug in formats ? AU, VST, VST3 ? Try a different plug in format if you can.

Yeah it is exactly the same in au AND vst3. Thanks for responding