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after years on linux machines I am trying to run ardour on a base model 2020 Mac mini M1. So far my interface, plugins (including overtone and izotope ozone) and midi controllers work fine. Then I added the Waves e-channel plugin and for some reason I can’t figure out the input signal jumps into the red (always +40 db). It does not matter if I have an input assigned, arm or not arm the track or anything else. You can’t hear anything when this happens, although I was afraid it would destroy my headphones.

The input signal only goes down when I bypass the plugin or move down the channel fader completely. It moves immediately to +40 when I move the channel fader a tiny bit upwards again. The internal plugin controls via the gui don’t change anything at all. Since all other plugins seem to work fine and waves is claiming that the e-channel runs on silicon chips I am lost.

I am not even sure that this has to do anything with ardour.
I am using Version 14.0 of said plugin with the latest Waves Central version.

Does anybody have any idea?

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Edit: I tried Reaper and it works, so i guess it is somehow ardour that causes this.

Does Waves provide different plug in formats ? AU, VST, VST3 ? Try a different plug in format if you can.

Thanks. It is the same in every format.

With my Waves plugins, if there is an update, i have to rescan the plug ins in Ardour, otherwise, there are various issues. Try a rescan all in the plug in manager and see if that helps.

It sounds like it could be some sort of feedback going on in the sound card because of the setup / drivers / mixer setup. I am not familiar with Mac audio.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am using core audio with a Behringer xr18. Rescans dont help. All other EQ-Plugins just work with this setup.

I actually reinstalled Sonoma and all my programms including Ardour/Waves etc. with the same result.

I really got used to the echannel, because of th

e fast and good results i am getting, so i am using reaper for now.

Well… installed Ardour 8.0 et voila: it works. Additionally now three of my favorite toys are supported (Behringer XR18, Icon Platform+ and Launchpad). Happy camper over here.

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