Waves AudioUnit not working

Hi all,
this is my problem:
i’ve just installed the waves complete bundle, but when I start ardour i got messages like this:
[ERROR]: Cannot get I/O configuration info for AU followed by the name of all the waves plugins, only one is working (wavestune)
since i’ve seen on some screenshots on this site ardour working with l1 or c1 i don’t remember i think it’s a problem of wrong configuration or something like this…
does anyone know how to solve this problem?

thanks all


PS: sorry for my english :wink:

if i must tell the truth it’s a cracked version, but they’re working on other host (for example the apple aulab included in the developer tools)
does ardour check for the ilok key?

@stanzarossa: I have no interest in providing any assistance to people who will not respect license terms. Sorry.

Don’t Use Crack!

Thanks Paul for standing up against CRACK Abuse.

So No To Crack!

@stanzarossa: do you have the iLok plugged in?

I use waves gold bundle (not cracked) and it’s not showing up in ardor’s audio units section in the plugin menu or the plugin manager.

I use these plugins every day and on most everything; this is a make it or break it issue for me for Ardor.

@theacre: adding this comment to the end of a 1 year+ old thread isn’t a very good way to get help.

I am the lead developer of Ardour, and I have a full set of all the Waves plugins, with an iLok. They all show up in Ardour for me. I’m not sure how best to help you figure out what is going on (or not) but I do know that a web forum is not a good venue. Please get on either the #ardour-osx IRC channel or the user mailing list, and we can have a more productive interaction and hopefully get your problem fixed. See the support page at http://ardour.org/support for more details.