waveforms displayed incorrectly after moving sessions from a mac to linux machine

i’ve been using a mac (pb g4/tiger) to work with ardour. recently i bought also a linux box (amd64 dual core/ubuntu studio) and i’m facing following problem: all my sessions i copied from pb to the linux machine (via firewire using pb’s target mode) display with the waveforms totally messed up - they look like sorta heavilly clipped or quantized, while sound is ok. i tried to delete the “peaks” folder, expecting new peaks to be built after reopening the session, which doesn’t happen either. have no idea what to do: is it a bug, or am i missing something totally obvious?
any help greatly appreciated!

yeah, that made it. thanks for a hint, ben!

Create an empty “peaks” folder and Ardour will recreate the peaks inside. For some reason it doesn’t work if the peaks folder is missing