Waveform vanishing, peak folder

I’m running Ardour 5.12.0 on a Windows 10 OS for the first time ever; I’ve always run it on some flavor of Linux in the past.

I have an issue in which the waveform disappears as soon as I halt recording. If I close the session and re-open, the wave form is present again.

Initially, even closing and opening did not replace the waveform. I cleared the Peaks folder and recorded again but that made no difference. I thought part of the issue might be directory switching, as the first time the sessions folder was created on a different drive than the OS drive. So I created a new session on the same drive as the OS and programs, and that fixed the waveform being present after closing and opening again, but not the initial disappearance after halting recording.

I took some screenshots - how to attach them??

Yes, it has been seen on Linux as well.

This is a known, but not 100% reproducible bug.

Thanks, Paul! I can work around it. Is it also in the Linux version? I just got a new digital-analog interface with a Thunderbolt connector so I’m not yet able to run it in Linux, though I’ve been mucking about with adding the TB 3 driver and such.

Edit - just discovered that if I record a stereo track by doubling a single input, two waveforms are present in the Editor (makes sense) but on halting recording, the bottom waveform remains while the top disappears. Closing/reopening returns both forms to the Editor.