Waveform display shows erroneous bits of signal

hi, I’m trying to improve the timing of some percussion I’m working on by cutting up the track and dragging individual notes, then once happy with several bars, I’m combining the regions and then making a longer track out of it. I’m doing this by repeatedly pasting the decent section onto the end of itself and then combining the two regions. I’m finding this seems to lead to a corrupt project with the displayed audio changing depending on what’s selected and how zoomed in I am. I’ve created new issue 7775 here - https://tracker.ardour.org/view.php?id=7775
I’m fairly novice at Ardour and wondered if anyone has any insight into this behaviour, or a better way to achieve a track with tight timing. I don’t want to loop just one bar, too mechanical I feel, but I don’t want to spend ages editing say 5 minutes worth. And these are just the support parts, once these are solid I’ll move on to the lead drum part. Thanks for reading.

I noticed this display issue too (same pattern : slice / edit / recombine regions -> erroneous waveform display)- but as far as I can tell, it’s only a display issue, the audio is fine and seems not to be corrupted in any way.

As to a “better way to achieve a track with tight timing”, the best solution is of course to have a reasonably tight performance to start with so you only need to move a couple notes at most - but since this isn’t always an option, you can also use the rythm ferret tool to speed up the initial process, but you’ll still have to manually adjust things if you hope to keep a mostly natural feel and not have unpleasant slicing artifacts.