Was Ich Immer Schon Sagen Wollte

Cold outside, time to produce …
Here is another one - come sempre - done only with open source software.
Sound with Ardour, video with Kdenlive.
Drums AVL + additional samples, Dragonfly reverbs, X42 compressor …
Patch for Vitalium taken from Unfa



Don’t understand the lyrics but the RAWK speaks loud and clear!! :smiley: :metal: :metal: :metal:

Wonderful production! Very raw in a great way! Powerful drums, ripping bass and beautiful AC/DC-esque guitar tones. I hope it is a long winter so we can hear many more productions!

Keep up the great work!

Oops, (blushing) - mille grazie, many thanks, vielen Dank
Glad that you enjoyed it:
You would not believe how low the budget of the production is, even the instruments (bass, guitar) are entry level prizing. Guitar sound by an ancient Zoom G3X (love it!)
Just costly in terms of time spent.

BTW: big thanks to my wife who has encouraged me in many ways

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Hi there! Nice work!!!

One thing I learned from unfa videos is that you can record the clean guitar and then apply the desired effects later from the ardour avaliable plugins, I love the guitarix ones. This prevent you from recording the track if you find the delay is a bit out of tempo, for example.

I use drums in Hydrogen set as jack master) and other instruments written in Musescore, put each output of them as input for a separate track in ardou, all synchronized by Hydrogen. Once you set record on ardour and start it everything plays, each being recorded on its own track. Of course you put one or two measures before eveything to have time to grab the guitar and play in sync with our digital bandmates. :wink:

In this way I don’t deal with MIDI in ardour, which I can’t figure out how. Hydrogen has lots of drumkits available and playing with velocities of each hit you can make it sound really human.

I recorded intro and outro for my online (hopefully this was the las semester) classes (portuguese) in this way. Here are the results, on intro:

  1. In the on below the distortion is from analog pedals (Ibanez TS-808)
    MAT-2454 (Cálculo 2): 2021-12-06 - YouTube

  2. In this one I set up amp emulation, distortion, delay, auto-wah, everything from guitarix plugin
    MAT-2454 (Cálculo 2): 2021-08-16 - YouTube

On outro I used that Trio from Digitech (you play chords on guitar and it builds bass and drums according to what you played and style selected). Which one, if any, sounds better on your ears?

Best, Alexandre

Hi Alexandre,
to tell the truth I also started with Hydrogen and Ardour running as separate entities.
Then I had to produce a piece with constant tempo changes which broke the happy marriage between Ardour and Hydrogen and I found myself in a position where I had to learn the MIDI part of Ardour. As some folks already have stated it’s probably not the best in class but I could get the job done.
Listening to your short intros this hazzle is probably not worth the effort for your use case.
Btw, if you are happy with just stereo outputs for the drums there is a plugin that can load Hydrogen drumkits (dont remember the name). And I think the LSP sampler can, too.

Hi, Peter!

Thanks for your tips, I’ll try to search for them. If you change tempo or time signature (latter is in my sight) on ardour or hydrogen (as jack master), then it should be followed by the other one. I’ll play with this soon.

Best, Alexandre