[WARNING]: CoreAudioBackend::connect: Invalid Source port: (system:capture_1)


There’s no sound on playback. The last thing I did was save the file to Master 1 then closed it.

Today, when I opened Ardour and played the file, there was no sound and I had an error on the console.

The issue is “feedback” (see the indicator light top/middle) .

There is a connection loop, perhaps track -> master -> track -> master…, or perhaps some aux-sends: track -> bus -> track.

In such cases there is a feedback loop, no proper process-graph and ardour remains silent. To solve this, break the connection that causes the loop.

If you can’t figure this out yourself, please post a screenshot of the complete mixer-window (that shows connections)

The lack of realtime permissions is odd, but that is another issue to look into later…

Aha! I knew I did something but couldn’t remember what. Thank Robin!

is this the complete mixer-window?

There are some tracks missing at the left.

But wait. Your master-bus output is connected to most of you tracks inputs? That won’t fly;
especially since all your track feed the master-bus.

Left-click on the master-bus output connector and pick “Disconnect”, then only connect it to your soundcard’s (hardware) playback ports. That should fix things.

PS. You can connect the master bus output to some track’s input (to bounce-record it), but then this track must not feed the master-bus.

It worked! Thank you!