Want MIDI track displayed on virtual MIDI keyboard

I am wondering if there’s a way to get a MIDI track to display on the “virtual MIDI keyboard” – i.e., when I play the track back, I would like to see the keys “light up” in response to those note on/off events the way they do when I click on them and/or play QWERTY keys.

In case there’s any confusion, this is the virtual keyboard I’m talking about:

Is this possible and how?


No, it is not possible.

The Virtual Keyboard is not track specific. It has an output port which can be connected to feed many tracks, but it does not receive or forward data.

Thanks for your reply. I wonder how hard it would be to write a plugin to handle just this visualization with just a basic 88-key layout. What tools would I want to learn to accomplish that (assuming I’m an experienced programmer without this specific domain knowledge)? Is there a tutorial you know of I can look up?

Thanks again

edit: perhaps this Programming LV2 Plugins – I never imagined I’d have the possibility of working with ttl in this context…

It’s some time ago, that I worked with HISE, but I would guess, that it should be possible with that application, to build a plugin like that with a few java script lines. But I’m afaraid, you can’t compile to LV2, but Linux-VST should work though.

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I like the concept of being able to script with JavaScript and/or making interfaces with web technologies. I also wasn’t aware of Juce until now, so that’s definitely also helpful.

This maybe ? GitHub - brummer10/XKeyboard.lv2: simple LV2 MIDI keyboard

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This will almost certainly work for the short term and it’s a bite-sized project, too, so also would be easy to extend/learn from, probably, if I ever need to. Thanks so much!

Different colors to represent note data from different tracks, etc…

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