Walk - featuring Lianne Hall - acoustic song

Hello - I’ve just released a duet with the amazing Lianne Hall and it’s out now on Bandcamp.

She is one of my favourite all time singers/ artists. I first heard her on John Peel’s Festive Fifty in the early 2000’s. She’s done 5 Peel sessions and worked with, among others, Robert Smith (The Cure) and Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) and now me!

The full story of how it came about is on my website if you are interested: The story of Walk - The Argent Grub

It’s getting a good reception so far:
“stunning”, “beautiful”, “Great, Such a Brilliant EP. All 3 Tracks Are Superb”

All made with FOSSoftware. with Ardour at the centre of that universe - thank you, thank you, thank you!

Happy to hear feedback, take questions, etc. None of this would happen without people helping each other.

Listen here: Walk EP | The Argent Grub
If anyone wants a copy but cannot afford to buy, just contact me in private and I’ll share with you.


Wow, that is beautiful, and the backing story tells me you’ve lived my fondest daydream (albeit mine stars an American treasure of a vocalist). Good on ya for making it happen.


Yes a huge amount of luck involved, but also a case if you don’t try it definitely won’t happen. I’d love to know who that vocalist is in your dream! Good luck.

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Beautiful. Really enjoyed it. Thanks!

From a fellow Bradfordian FOSS enthusiast audiodoodler

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Thanks @e_r Cool. So maybe we know each other already? If not, maybe we should. I can’t see how to direct message on the forum so email me (if you want!) info(at) theargentgrub.co.uk

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Could be, Shipley / Saltaire is my old stomping ground, the thing is I’ve been out of town for ages and can’t get back until the pandemic’s over. But would still be delighted to help with Bradford music stuff in any way I can.

Will be in touch.

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Nice song and nice story ! Life can be surprising sometimes :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing
Enjoyed it.

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