VyNil (Vinyl Effect) Plugin Question.

When trying to add Vynil plugin to a track I get.

"ardout: weird plugin dialog
You attempted to add a plugin (Vinyl Effect)).
The plugin has 2 inputs
but at the insertion point there are
only 1 active signal streams.

This makes no sense - unless the plugins supports
side-chain inputs. A future version of Ardour will
support this type of configuration."

I am using ardour 2.3 (built from revision 3107)

What am I doing wrong here? Or what have I left out?


I was confused by this at first…if the plugin has two inputs, the track you are assigning to it has to have two outs (i.e. a stereo track).

You can buss a mono track out to a stereo aux send, pan it center, and send it to a two track plugin just fine. Or, you can convert the mono track to a stereo one, although I think this will load down your processor a bit more.

this is probably a bug. it is fixed in svn, and will released in 2.5. the other possibility is that you have inadvertently ended up with a track that really does have 2 inputs and 1 output (unlikely).

Thanks for the response, I knew it had to be something I was not doing.

I was trying to use the plugin through a mono track. Using a stereo track worked.

I am glad this is not a bug.

What a creative effect.