VSTi plugins, how to control


I am quite new to Ardour but I sure am impressed so far. Yesterday I also rebuilt it to be able to run VST plugins, or more precisely VSTi plugins. The thing is, I do manage to get them working in the sense that they show up and everything seems fine. (I tried one from www.vst4free.com) But how do I control them? I mean, VSTi (instrument) plugins demand some sort of controller and I do have a M-Audio Keystation 49 (USB) that works fine through JACK with for instance ZynAddSubSynth. Is it possible to control the VSTi’s and record them in Ardour? I’m on Ubuntu 8.04. Thank you for excellent software.



To use VSTi’s you need an external host like VSTHost running with WINE, JACK and WineASIO. It works pretty well but requires a little bit of routing to get it in and out of Ardour via JACK. Here is the site for VSTHOST:


WineASIO can be found at Sourceforge.net


thank you for this information, I will try this as soon as I get home tonight.

Kind regards, Mats