Vst3 plugins always missing after an update

Hi, I’m on openSUSE TW and it’s a rolling distro so packages are rebuilded often even if there’s no changes. After the update, for Ardour vst3 plugin are missing. Rescan fix the problem. Why this happens ? Is there a way to reactivate missing plugins without restarting Ardour ?

two examples are: CHOWTapeModel and Peakeater.


To my knowledge this is just how Ardour works… Any time your VST2/3 Plugins have changed their file properties (I’m guessing time stamps) they need to be re-scanned with Ardour.

You can tell Ardour to automatically re-scan when you start it, if you upgrade often this might be a good solution…

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Every time a plugin is updated, it has to be scanned since the plugin’s parameters, ports or possible I/O configurations may have changed.

Changes in exactly the same version ?

When the plugin binary file on disk changes.

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