vst trouble

ok my english uahhh :-)… i am no english native speaker. so i hope, i can explain my/the problem.

my current ardour version: ardour 2.7.1 svn rev 4838 + VST=1 + LV2=1
system: debian unstable
vst sdk: 2.3

the problem:
since a few weeks the vst plugin window is only one window. see image.

imo, this new design is much better than the old two window design.
but some vst plugins like the MjMultibandCompressor don’t displayed any more. see image.

normal, this plugin looks like a normal ladspa plugin with the horizontal rectangular sliders for each parameter.
but now there are no more sliders and no more text labels.

need this a new system configuration?

thanks in advance


but thats a risk one takes when using SVN

i know :-). and of corse, no problem here. ardour really rocks!!!
greetings wolke

This doesn’t fix the bug … but those messages are there because of substantial debugging effort with VST plugins that is going on right now. It was not my intention to commit them, but thats a risk one takes when using SVN, alas. Hopefully, the problems will be fixed later this week and/or the extra messages will be removed.

Yup, I’ve seen this too with the AnwidaSoft DX Reverb Light. For some reason Ardour can’t read any VST info from the plugin. If you start Ardour from a terminal I bet it says that in the debug output.


FST uses “.fsi” files now instead of “.fst” are you sure the old .fst files in your vst folder aren’t causing a conflict issue. Also you said you are using the vstsdk 2.3 but Ardour 2.7.1 from SVN has the new Vestige headers, did you replace Vestige with the vstsdk? That also could be a problem.


That’s weird, Anwidasoft DX Reverb is working fine on my system now but didn’t before, I am using Wine 1.1.16

I have only tried it with 1.1.15 so it might be .16 that made it work. I’ll try it again on Monday.

using the vstsdk 2.3 but Ardour 2.7.1 from SVN has the new Vestige headers, did you replace Vestige with the vstsdk?
no, i use the steinberg vst_sdk.

how i have to replace the stk’s. in moment i have a folder vstsdk2.3 into my libs/fst folder. where i have to place the vestige headers. and where i get them?

thanks wolke

hi wolke,

the vestige header is there by default, just remove your Steinberg header. All you need is the header file called aeffect.h (or something like that, I am not in front of my DAW, so I may be inaccurate). Be sure to have the latest SVN.

One thing I noticed about fst (standalone, not included in ardour):

it does not link when (you compile it) against winehq~1.1.16 (the deb that comes from the winehq repositories). It compains about a missing libshell32.dll.so. However, the experimental package from debian (1.1.15) has this libshell32 and fst links happily. I am not sure what is going here except that /usr/lib/wine/libshell32.dll.so does not exist in the wine deb package from winehq.

hiho, after disable some debug output in vst_plugin.cc, i found only this info log message for (imo) each plugin paramater.

MjMultibandCompressor dispatch effGetParamName
MjMultibandCompressor dispatch ParamProps

the function witch produce this messages.
VSTPlugin::get_parameter_descriptor (uint32_t which, ParameterDescriptor& desc) const

imo, this works right because the plugin works correct with the settings i have made into my old svn build ardour version. only the gui will not display the sliders and labels.

so i fond NO new ideas what goes wrong here!



I did some more testing too, I imported some VSTs without GUIs (SimulAnalog Guitar Suite)and they are not working either, so it would appear that older VST’s without GUI’s don’t work right now like you said. I am using Wine 1.1.17 and they still don’t work right so don’t waste your time upgrading Wine.

thx to all.
i have install the debian experimental package wine 1.1.15-1, libwine-dev and so on.
then i have removed the steinberg stk from my fst folder.
into the /libs/fst/vestige folder i fond a file called aeffectx.h. @thorgal, think you mean this.
after a scons uninstall i have make a new scons -j2 VST=1 install.
after compiling no changes with the problem. the MjMultibandCompressor will not displayed correct. also all my other vst plugins without an extra nice gui. i can say that all vst plugins which looks like the ladspa plugins style will not displayed correct anymore.
i only get the rectangular buttons without any function and any labels. see on topic top

after this, i remove my whole build folder, checkout complete new and build complete new. after this… no changes, too.

so imo, this is not the problem.

next step. i will build some wine 1.1.16 packages. maybe this will help.
but not today :slight_smile:


i can not read the console debug output. in this svn rev all vst plugins will produce a flood of debug output.

so tomorrow i will try to disable this for my problem not relevant output in code. after this, maybe i found more infos against my problem.

oodles of this output will fill the console buffer in 1 second. so i have to try link the output into a file. but this file will grow so fast and i don’t know a search string to find the right information.


++++++++++ Ambience RUN in 1988094864
++++++++++ MjMultibandCompressor RUN in 1988094864
++++++++++ MjMultibandCompressor RUN in 1988094864
^C++++++++++ Ambience RUN in 1988094864
++++++++++ MjMultibandCompressor RUN in 1988094864
++++++++++ MjMultibandCompressor RUN in 1988094864