VST Support for amd64 in 3.0

Is there VST support for amd64 in the 3.0 series of Ardour?

If not, how do people get around this?

@drasica: its not possible to run 32 bit VST plugins in a 64 bit host without a disgustingly hacky kludge (thanks, Cakewalk!). So if you want to run 32 bit VST plugins, you need a 32 bit host. You can run a 32 bit application on any 64 bit system, so there’s really no fundamental issue here, but it is a clear cut and tricky choice to have to make.

Thanks for your response. Is there a reason that these plugins are in 32bit instead of 64? I’m presuming that it will all be 64bit compatible eventually (hopefully)!

Talk to the people that wrote the plugins for that. They would have to recompile for 64 bit.