vst_sdk2_3.zip not available from steinberg's website anymore

I have been trying to install ardour 2.4 for freebsd (from ports, tree is up to date) and it (predictably) asks for vst_sdk2_3.zip to be downloaded (And licensing agreement agreed to) from steinberg’s website.

Unfortunately the link provided by ardour doesnt exist anymore, nor does the file exist in the ftp archives on steinberg’s site or the downloads section of the website :



make install clean

===> ardour-2.4.1_1 download the VST 2.3 SDK from Steinberg (http://www.steinberg.de/331+M52087573ab0.html) and copy vst_sdk2_3.zip into /usr/ports/distfiles.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/audio/ardour.

This should be relayed to the ports maintainer for FreeBSDd and perhaps a notification in the build instructions on ardour’s site should relay that this is temporarily not available, unless I am wrong and it is officially available somewhere.

Thanks to GMaq, I have been given a working link for vst_sdk2_3.zip :


I did extensive google searches and didnt find this link so hopefully this will help anyone who had the same problem as I. I am looking at contacting the port maintainer for FreeBSD, or submitting the Makefile fix myself.