VST Plugins

Hi there,

I have downloaded Ardour4 (with contribution) and it’s said there https://community.ardour.org/node/8725 that a tool scans the Windows or Linux VST Plugins. As i have been used to usually take some cool Windows VST.

Now I think that Ardour 4 is very mature and i would like to use it (I personally develop open source software).

Can anybobody help me find the place to put these Seinberg VST, declare it, and scan them and use them

In the future I plan to use only Linux VST but for the moment I am stuck with this problem.




Ardour on Linux only supports Linux VST (.so), Ardour on Windows only supports Windows VST (.dll)
and in both cases the architecture must match: 32bit Ardour only loads 32bit VST. 64bit Ardour only 64bit VST. There is no bridging.

For Ardour4 see Edit > Preferences > Plugins (where you can specify a path to VSTs).

There are various ways to hack things to get windows VSTs loading running on Linux, all of which involve wine in some way. Not all windows VST work reliably on Linux and it depends a great deal on the version of wine. The easiest way to check before digging deeper is with AVLinux (can be run live fro DVD or USB-stick). AVLinux ships a special build of Ardour which runs under wine and also includes a known-to-work-with-many-plugins version of wine.

The page paul linked makes a good case for “If your workflow is so dependent on those plugins, then remain on Windows” or ask the vendor of said plugin(s) to provide a Linux version.

Thanks for your answers.