VST Plugins only come up once per session.

Hi everyone. Trying to get a feel for Ardour 2.0.5 by doing some podcasts (just simple stuff). I recently reinstalled Linux after going back to windows (that lasted a whole 8 days). I had used 2.0.3 to play around before, but noticed an upgrade, so installed that this time.

The problem I’m having is that if I add a VST plugin, then when I double-click the plugin in the mixer window, I get an empty window that has a bypass button in it, and also, the plugin, in a different window. Then if I close this plugin, all I get after that if I try to reopen it is just the window with the bypass button (however, the plugin still works)…has anyone else seen this behavior, and is there a fix?

I’m using Kubuntu by the way…also, was there a change in Ardour that auto launches Jack if it is not running? I used to have to launch it manually, now Ardour seems to run fine without me starting Jack…???


update, LADSPA plugins have the same behavior…

OK, I completely reinstalled Kubuntu, and ardour is still doing it, but only on VST plugins now…anybody ahve any idea? This is really annoying…

Type winecfg from the command line, and in the graphics tab DESELECT the box “Allow window manager to control the windows.” Now when you load a vst it will have it’s own little set of window control buttons inside of the dialog box with the bypass button. It looks worse but solves the problem.


I can deal with the ugliness! thanks for this!

I had the same problem and deselect the box in winecfg did the trick, but now when I turn the knobs/sliders (in a vstplugin with GUI) they jump to max or min position. Anyone else had this problem?

I’m running Ardour 2.0.5 w/VST Support and Wine 0.9.44 on a Gentoo GNU/Linux system.

EDIT: I downgraded till Wine 0.9.43 and that solved the problem.