VST Plugins Disappeared?

I’m new to Linux and Ardour.

I’ve been working for two days on a Podcast - Today I opened Ardour and a message came up saying some Plugins were missing and would be removed from my session.

After checking my Plugins, it seems as though a lot have disappeared.

Could anyone help please?

Ardour doesn’t do anything to “manage” your plugins on the system. The more likely thing is some sort of system update process that happened manually or automatically which has changed which plugins are available.

We see reports of this for various Linux distributions occasionally.

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Thank you for your reply Paul.

My OS is Ubuntu Studio, running Ardour 5. Is there anything I can do to get the plugins back or would it just be a case of waiting for my OS to update?

If I were to download Ardour 5.12 and donate on a monthly basis, would I get a more stable product?

Sorry for quick succession of replies.

Just a quick update - After few attempts at uninstalling and reinstalling the program, linuxVSTs have now reappeared.

Like I said, I’m new to all this. Had enough of Windows and the expense of Adobe, and I’m actually enjoying learning from scratch with Ardour.

Thank you, Scott.

My guess is that you’re using Ardour from Ubuntu. You are welcome to do so, but please be aware that we cannot and do not support versions provided by Linux distributions. They frequently make mistakes with their builds, sometimes by accident, sometimes intentionally. People often have issues with the distro versions that go away when they try the build from ardour.org

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Surely Ubuntu Studio is shipping a functional version of Ardour!? :thinking: It’s the flagship DAW!!??

We build Ardour with a number of patches to and/or non-standard/current versions of l3rd party ibraries. The patches are not going upstream for various reasons (and never will). These days there’s not much that differentiates our build stack from what e.g. Ubuntu’s maintainer uses, but its not the same.

Then there’s what they include in the “package”, which build time options they use and more.

Hi @paul

Yes, I understand that Ardour is jam packed with patches and specialized configs which is why I stopped packaging Ardour many years ago for AV Linux, my question was probably more rhetorical than literal. I would just hope that a high profile project like Ubuntu Studio would have some serious QC going on in it’s packaging of Ardour to ensure that it is the best it can be within the confines of the Ubuntu packaging regulations… It’s unfortunate that they just don’t ship your bundles since it’s such a popular method for people to try out Ardour for the first time.

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