Vst installation under windows

Hello Everybody.

I would like to know the operating mode to install a vst pluggin under Ardour Windows and find it in Ardor?
I cannot find an explicit answer on the subject.
Thank you for your comeback.

There is no standard location for VST plugins on Windows (or anywhere, for that matter). So you need to just install the plugin wherever you prefer, then go to Ardour’s preferences and ensure that wherever you installed your plugin(s) is defined there. You may need to add the folder where you installed it to the search path.

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Thank you for your reply.
I think I am missing information because I don’t see a Preference tab.
Can you tell me the computer path? I’m with the Ardor 5 version.
Pending your return

Menu windows->preferences :wink:

Good evening.
I have to seek but unfortunately I cannot find. Can you be more precise.
See you soon.

VSTs can be installed anywhere, although %COMMONPROGRAMFILES%\VST is commonly used to place the .dll. After that in Ardour > Preferences > Plugins >VST configure the place where the VSTs reside, and Ardour > Preferences > Plugins > “Scan” for new plugins.

After that the plugin should be available from the plugin-manager. In case there are issues they’ll be reported in Ardour Menu > Window > Log.

(from somewhat related Windows How to actually install lv2 plugins in Ardour)

Hello everybody.
Thank you so much for your very informative feedback. it works well now.
See you later.

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