VST installation and Zynadd


I downloaded Ardour 3, and it’s great. Yesterday, I played with A3’s midi features. After a while, I found out how to use LinuxSampler, and I’m able to use Calf Monosynth/Organ. Now, I downloaded the VOPM VSTi, but I don’t know how to use it in Ardour. In EnergyXt, it’s easy to use VST plugins: Easily put the VSTi-name.so file into a folder, that is in the list of plugin folders and drag’n drop it to the main window.

But I can’t find a way to do that in Ardour – I copied the VOPM.so into /opt/Ardour-3.0_14207/lib/plugins/, and it still is not listed.

I also have a problem with zynadd: I installed zynadd LV2 and zynaddsubfx from the repository, and it’s listed in the plugin manager. But I can’t set it as instrument at tracks/add track, and when I create an “empty” midi track, with no instrument set, and I try to add zynadd via plugin manager, it shows me:

[ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin http://home.gna.org/zyn/zynadd/1

And I have got another question: Is there a way to use Hexter in Ardour?

Thank you for the answer(s) you’re, hopefully, going to give me! I’m even happy, if just one of my questions are going to be answered! :slight_smile:



jano: http://www.manual.ardour.org/working-with-plugins/getting-plugins/ (see the end sections on where to install). Ardour does not search "inside itself"

as for zyn, there is some problem with the build of the plugin

Thank you, Paul. :slight_smile: That means that I was not completely wrong with my idea I had, as I saw the /usr/lib/lv2-directory: I looked for a vst-directory and created one myself… And thank you for your hint with zyn, I’m going to try to compile it my self, or going to look for another build.

Does anyone ever made zynadd working?
I always fails here. I think it will never work, it seems it’s out of development since 2009?

Well, it works in LMMS. But in EnergyXT, I failed with the VST plugin, and now, I fail with the LV2 one in Ardour.

I’ve got the same problem with Zynadd in Ardour 3. However, I saw that the guys from KX Studio got it working:

I’d really love to know how to make it work - that would simplyfy and speed up my workflow a lot.

That’s not Zynadd. The guy from KXstudio FalkFX, ported zynaddsubfx to lv2 format to use it as a plugin.
Check out linuxmusicians.com forum.There a thread about it. As far as i know it not ‘stable’. But you can download it from git.