VST GUIs keep disappearing

Whenever I am working with ardourvst (version 2.8 compiled with VST=1), after a short period of time fiddling around with some VSTs (namely the GVST suite), the GUIs of said plugins are no longer rendered. The only way to make them appear again is to restart ardourvst Is there a way to prevent them from doing so? I’m using the newest development version of wine under Jaunty 9.04 btw.

Thanks for your input, loving ardour so far :slight_smile:

VST in Ardour is stil not rock solid so you might have to live with these things.

9.04 comes with wine 1.0.1 (typing this on 9.04 actually). You could try getting the latest one (http://www.winehq.org/download/deb) and see if there’s any difference.
Also try avoiding removing previously opened VST plugins. From my experience strange things happen then.