VST Audio Damage can not show up

Carla, Qtractor, Bitwig work ok but Ardour can not load plug-in. all vst i locate and install *.so in /lib64/lxvst/. I try to add another vst like OverToneDSP, Couture of AuburnShound (LXVST) and Carla(LV2) it has just fine.
Does it has problem with VST plug-in?

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Have you scanned VSTs (Ardour preferences > Plugins)?
Is /lib64/lxvst in Ardour’s VST search path (Preferences > Plugins > VST)?
Is there any message in Window > Log when you scan for VST plugins?

In my experience some of the Audio Damage (at least the early versions) plugins would get blacklisted by Ardour, perhaps the OP can name the specific plugin in question?

I just did a quick test in Ardour 6.2… I have 2 Audio Damage Plugins on my system: Dubstation and Roughrider… Strangely both are in Ardour’s blacklist but Dubstation appears in my Plugin Lists and will launch but Roughrider doesn’t appear at all.

On the topic of blacklisted plugins, another one that is disappointingly not showing up in Ardour is Tunefish4… :thinking:

2020-08-18T23:11:00 [INFO]: VST Blacklist:
/usr/lib/vst/audiodamage/Dubstation 2.so

I do recall older versions of tunefish working.

v4 fails due to JUCE 4 -> 5 changing the default to dynamically link, also JUCE 5/6 pulls in gtkwebkit by default which depends on gtk3.

The latter can be easily fixed at compile-time setting the following option in the .jucer file:


Statically linking is a bit more involved, but also possible. It’s the default on other platforms.

I have added and scan already all of thats plug-in, see name exist tin progress loading but in plug-in manager it gone?

2020-08-19T11:49:34 [INFO]: VST Blacklist:
/lib64/lxvst/Kombinat Tri.so
/lib64/lxvst/Dubstation 2.so
/lib64/lxvst/Axon 2.so

I did not realise Audio Damage products were available for linux, how awesome!

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The plugin as blacklisted when scanned, and Ardour ignores it.

This happens when

  • the plugin is incompatible with Ardour or any of the other plugins.
  • the plugin crashes when Ardour test-runs it during plugin-scan.

What a shame of Ardour! while it is much high flexible than Carla, but it can not load plug-in as expected.

Carla process separates plugins, this allows plugins that otherwise conflict with each other to work regardless. Ardour won’t do this because it does not scale: https://ardour.org/plugins-in-process.html

In any case the problem is with the plugin, not Ardour, and can usually be fixed by the plugin vendor. Many already have after the issue was brought to their attention.


There are a couple more. In the past @ahms has volunteered to contact various vendors, and helped to get many of them fixed.

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I appreciate all your information for my confuse. Hope Ardour crowded folk in further for most support plug-in from the third party. i’m waitting.


i have confirmed that all VST works ok in new update from Aduio Damage. thanks all

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