Volume to control parameters (Linux)

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to be able to control any parameters with the volume of an audio source / midi generated audio source.
Not quite sidechain / ducking but similar.
The volume of audio source determines how much the assigned parameter is turned up.
So the higher the volume/peak received the higher the MIDI CC message goes.
Have seen some call this a peak controller, volume controlled MIDI CC, etc.
Some DAWs come with built in plugins that allow for this.
Not sure if Ardour / Linux allows for parameters to be controlled by MIDI in this way?
I was wondering if anyone knows if Ardour comes with anything like this built in. If not does anyone know of any 3rd party plugins that can achieve this in Ardour (Linux)?

Thank You

I made a pair of Lua scripts that do exactly what you’re asking for! Here’s a link to the github repo. GitHub - rrastgoufard/Morph_Ardour: General Morph Plugin for Controlling Automation and Interpolating Between Values

And here’s a demo of using my guitar’s levels to control reverb and EQ parameters. (This example is on the github page too.)

Based on your opening post, the only caveat is that you cannot target MIDI CC directly with this setup. The target has to be the parameter of a plugin.

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Thank you for sharing this.
I was thinking someone was going to mention of a way to do this with a built in function of Ardour or an existing plugin made by someone else.
Amazing that you created a plugin yourself.
Was just trying to get some info about this now, trying to see how something like this could be achieved. Going to take me a little while to get a chance to be able to test this out / understand how to get this to work, still working on getting everything setup, but I just wanted to make sure that I thank you for your response and for creating / sharing this with everyone. Man I want try this.
Give me a little time and I will hopefully be able to respond a little better.

Thank you again

Also if anyone else has any other information about how they achieve this, or even want to share their experience with using the kind gesture offered above, please do so.

Thank You

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Yay! Thanks for the kind words! Let me know if you do eventually get time to try these out. I’d love to hear feedback, and I’m always happy to help.

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