Volume Knob for Metronome in editor GUI for A3

Well the subject says it… i can´t find a way to actually work with ardours metronome, i find my self creating click tracks in audacity and importing them to Ardour so i can:

  • Have a separate volume in sight for the click i.e. the drummer asks for more or less of it when recording
  • Avoid that error related to Clicks memory pool which i found also in Alpha7

If theres an easy way to edit clicks volume in Ardours GUI please enlight my road because i´ve looked for it a lot and can´t see it heh…

You could route the click through a bus so you’d have volume control. Remember that there are only alpha releases of ardour3 and there are likely to be bugs. I think you had better to use ardour 2 for other than testing purposes.