Volume down deletes region

I’m using Ardour 5.12 on Windows and on my laptop, the ‘volume down’ shortcut is mapped to the F7 key (volume up is F8 and mute is F6).
Whenever I want to quickly reduce the volume I use F7, however this also deletes a region that I have selected. This is frustrating because I sometimes end up with mysterious silent spots in my edit.
How do I remove this key binding or is this a bug?

This is very unusual. Does the key also act in other programs as “delete” or “backspace”?

Can you check Menu > Window > Key Bindings – maybe reset the keybindings (in case you might have accidentally assigned the multimedia key to “delete”). or map this key to some action that’s not harmful.

The default for <F7> is to set grid or note length to 1/32 notes.

No, no other program behaves this way except Ardour.

Just to be clear, the F7 key on my laptop is set to act by default as a multimedia key to reduce the volume - I have to hold down Fn and then F7 to get the ‘real’ F7 and in this case, the selected region doesn’t get deleted.

Reseting the key bindings didn’t help, unfortunately

Also, I’ve tried this with an external keyboard (Microsoft Wireless 850) which has dedicated Volume buttons which are separate from the F1 to F12 keypad and the same behaviour occurs - pressing the volume down button deletes the selected region.

There is no code in Ardour that responds to a Volume Down key. So whatever is happening on your system must involve a translation from the Volume Down key to something else. The question is how best to figure out where that translation is happening, and what the key is translated to. I have no obvious answers (because I know almost nothing about Windows).