VOLOCIAN Studios Releases

I’ve used Ardour for all of our audio and video projects since 2009, here’s a few of the works I forgot to mention here when we released them:

Dick MacInnis - Black And Blue: https://volocian.com/shop/dick-macinnis-black-and-blue/

Tyson Prior - The Homesick EP: https://volocian.com/shop/tyson-prior-the-homesick-ep-cd/

Kill The Lights - Show Some Love: https://volocian.com/shop/kill-the-lights-show-some-love/

subatomic THEATRE - Control Part II: The Eponymous EP: https://volocian.com/shop/subatomic-theatre-control-part-ii-the-eponymous-ep/

Ardour rocks!!!

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FYI, tried the links you posted, but get a file not found error. Yes, Ardour rocks… :slight_smile: