Vocal pitch monitoring

I just started using Ardour today. Is there something similar to Vocal Pitch Monitor in Ardour? I have tried the x42-Autotune plugin which is the closest I could find but it does not show the pitch on a graph (which the app does). I would also like to decompose a sound track into the notes being played on a frequency scale, for instance the notes C3, D3, E3, F3, G3, A3, and B3 for the C major scale etc.

The “pro” solution for this is Melodyne (which can be loaded as plugin).
Some tuners can show a history of the frequency. If it is not recording and mixing that you are interested in, but tonal analysis, check out www.sonicvisualiser.org

Thanks, Re. tonal analysis. Is it possible to extract which notes (C3, D4, etc.) are being played in an (mp3) audio track? I am able to extract which frequencies are being played with the Aubio Pitch Detector plugin in sonic-visualiser, but it does not show the notes.