vocal effect: distant old radio?

I’d like a portion of the vocal track in a song to sound like it’s being sung through an old radio. It’s an effect I’ve heard in plenty of pop songs before, but I have no idea what plugins or presets might achieve it.

I’m new to the whole recording thing, and haven’t yet learned much of the terminology. If someone could give me a couple of keywords I could google, I’d much appreciate it.

More generally, does anyone have recommendations for good resources that give a conceptual overview of important plugins and their settings? Books or websites? Looking through some of the compressor (and reverb) plugins that come with Ardour, I’m surprised at how different the configuration options are for two plugins that do the same thing. Playing around with settings has not, so far, made for a useful self-education :slight_smile:


You could try this?


SWH: Vinyl Emulation
in search of that nasty vinyl noise? a little more heat-induced warp? this is very very good at this.

Use a multiband eq plugin as well, pull out all the lower end.
Then follow it with a distortion plugin and add some mild distortion…

Play around with your settings and you will find something you like.