VMPK not showing in MIDI routing grid

Hello, I was trying to hook up VMPK as a midi input so that I can play some notes through it and also use as notes input, however I can not get it to work.

VMPK shows as Midi input in kmidimon and I can see the events, that it generates.

It also shows in arecordmidi -l:

$ arecordmidi -l
 Port    Client name                      Port name
 14:0    Midi Through                     Midi Through Port-0    
128:0    VMPK Output                      VMPK Output
130:0    KMidimon                         KMidimon

However, it does not show in Ardour’s Midi routing grid

What could I do to fix this problem? Maybe I am missing something?

I am not using JACK at the moment, Ardour version is “5.12.0 (rev 1:5.12.0-3)”, Ubuntu 18.04

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At the bottom of Window > Audio/MIDI Setup , you need to ensure that “ALSA Sequencer” is selected rather than “ALSA Raw devices” (the latter only covers actual hardware).

Note that Ardour 6.0 comes with its own virtual MIDI keyboard, with both better integration and more features than VMPK.

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Thank you so much! Your advice worked perfectly (I needed to to select “ALSA Sequencer”).

As for ardour 6, I’ve tried building 6.0-pre1 from source, but, unfortunately ubuntu 18.04 has outdated build-time dependencies for it and I didn’t have the heart to build the dependencies from source as well, so I guess, I’ll try at a later date.

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