Vladimir Chicken - Keeping It Together

I just released my first solo single which I’m very excited about! :sunglasses: All the recording and some mixing was done in Ardour 5 & 6.

Highlights of using Ardour were the excellent performance on a not-new laptop and the very flexible editing tools, and of course the Linux support. I found various bugs, but apart from one issue the autosave and autobackup features saved the day. So thanks! (I will allocate a day for submitting the bugs to Mantis when I have time!)

Plugin wise, I enjoyed a lot using Guitarix, and made good use of the Calf compressor, x42 eq and the new CHOW Tape Model plugin. I bought some great Loomer plugins (Resound and Sequent) and also the u-he Twangstrom reverb, all of which sound amazing.

When I started learning music production back in 2006 it felt like Apple or Microsoft were the only serious options. It is fantastic to be at a point where Linux can do everything I need. So thanks to the many folks who made this a reality! :star2: :metal:t4:

The song is here on Vladimir Chicken’s bandcamp page


You have a very personal touch. It’s just what we need in this age of uninteresting songs that are like copies of each other. Your single was like a breath of fresh air :slight_smile: I really liked it, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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Great Indie tune! Nice Work!

Thanks both for your kind words.

Nice job, very experimental and funny! The other song’s title (“Meet me in Matosinhos”) is inspired by some place in Brasil? I think there’s a city with that name here (I’m brasilian).

It’s inspired by the area near Porto, Portugal. Which no doubt has a Brazilian counterpart!

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Great tracks, thanks for posting

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