Vitalium only shows traingle wave?

Hey folks! I’d like to start making sounds with a modular synthesizer in Ardour. I watched an unfa tutorial where he used Vitalium. I’ve got the plugin installed and I can use it in Ardour…but the only waveform available is the triangle wave. I try changing the wave form, but there only seems to be the triangle wave available.
Has anyone here used Vitalium succesfully and knows how to install the other wave forms? Sine, Square, etc? Or maybe I’m missing something altogether?

IIRC you can get them by downloading vital and copying the resources to vitalium. On linux that would be cp ~/.local/share/vital/* ~/.local/share/vitalium/

Thank you! This wasn’t the full answer for me but it led me in the right direction.

For some reason installing Vital wasn’t giving me that /vital/ folder (which probably explains why trying to use the original Vital plugin was crashing Ardour). But I did manage to download the factory Vital Bank of presets etc from their homepage. Moving those to the ~/.local/share/vitalium/ got me halfway there, giving me all of the presets.

Turns out, to get everything, all I needed to do was click on the menu button (three lines button?) in Vitalium, choose “import bank”, and then select the .vitalbank file.

Now I’m utterly lost in the word of this modular synthesizer and having a blast… :slight_smile:

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