Visual/interface issues (minor)

A couple of persistent things I’ve noticed, on both my previous (3.0.rc3) and current version (3.5.100):

  1. When using the location area (or whatever it’s called at the bottom of the screen) to move around, the vertical position lines often disappear and do not reappear in the section I’ve moved to unless I quit and restart Ardour.

  2. When removing a track, sometimes the visual representations of the tracks under it are not moved up so that they match the track names unless I quit and restart Ardour.

First it would be important to see if graphic drivers make any difference for this.

Second the proper place for this is definitely in Mantis, not on the forums, as they will get lost here.


I don’t even know what Mantis is. I’m just an end-user reporting what I’m noticing.

Not sure about graphics drivers. Everything else works perfectly, graphics-wise.