visual equalizer for Ardour on Ubuntu

Hello, I’m looking for a multiband equalizer on which I can see the curve, and choose the exact frequency I want to boost or not. I want to see what I hear, and sculpt the sound as wished. The 10-band EQ and tap EQ (LADSPA) don’t respond to my wish, and I’m not a Linux expert although I’d like to try a couple vst (.dll) plugins I downloaded.
The easiest would be a lapsa one (appears automatically in Ardour), or otherwise please explain me the “path” to getting it working on ardour…
Any suggestion? Thanks!

A couple options off hand…

OvertoneDSP AF2-10
Harrison’s XT-EQ or Mastering EQ (Not sure how these are delivered outside of Mixbus)

There are certainly more. I have used both the Harrison and OvertoneDSP options myself with good results.

Of course all that being said, there is the entire conversation of how much the UI actually adds… but I’ll leave that alone for now. By the way, LADSPA plugins can’t have a custom UI, which is what you are looking for. You want LV2 plugins (Or VST/AU).


use an lv2:
x42’s fil4
calf eqs

I think most distro repositories have these already packaged or they can be downloaded from the dev’s website binary or source.

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Plus for Calf. (Windows) DLL VSTs won’t work.

OverTone DSP’s EQ is great and will do exactly what you want. It looks and sounds very good.