Visual Audio

Is the Ardour community interested in a different Gui that is designed for both professional, hobbiest and wireless handheld music consumers. Visual Audio (VA) is designed to support MPEG4 AAC multitrack audio output for multitrack playback.

VA design follow these 7 rules:

  1. Volume is determined by the distance the source icon is from the Y axis.
  2. Stereo image is determined by the distance (left or right) from the X axis.
  3. Within the Listening Circle everything you see, you hear.
  4. Three colors, Red, Yellow and Green define the status of everything.
  5. When an instrument icon is highlighted, you can see & hear everything about it.
  6. A single icon can contain multiple instruments, creating sub-groups.
  7. Any activity requires no more than 1 click to get to.