Virtual sound check with Beringer x32

Hello everyone and thank you for trying to help me out. I am a newbie soundguy still at school and I look foward to practice mixing on my own, computers at school have pro tools installed and it is possible to send the tracks from pro tools to the console to do a virtual soundcheck. I would like to do the same thing with Ardour to practice mixing but I have been trying that for two days now and I still cannot send the channels and audio to the console, any help would be much appreciated

It really isn’t clear what you’re actually having problems with. If you’re within a few hours of US timezones, it would likely be more productive to ask this question on IRC where we can interact with you in real time rather than via a slow and tedious web forum.

I have an Ardour/X32 setup myself, but I’m on Linux, so it might be different for me than for you. With the XUSB connection, as long as the X32 config is set to 32in/32out, you can simply send Ardour tracks back out to X32 channels and have the X32 treat them like any other input.

If you’re on Linux, this is very straightforward with Qjackctl or Cadence. I don’t know what Windows uses for JACK controls, but Ardour has its own routing anyway.

On Windows, people are most likely not using JACK, but just Ardour’s own audio I/O support.

At any rate, knowing the OS could go a ways in providing the help. I have done similar things with multiple consoles over Dante in the past, it is decidedly possible.