Virtual keybord custom layout (path)

i use virtual keybord (windows > virtual keybord)
but cant find good layout for this in (preferences > midi > virtual keybord layout )
Where are these layout ? on my pc for edit it whit nano or etc

The layouts are fixed in Ardour’s source-code. They cannot be changed at runtime.

What keyboard layout do you use? Can you suggest key-codes to be used for the mapping?

The relevant source-code is – I’m afraid that changing those required re-compiling Ardour.

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white note of -QWERTY single- (preferences > midi ) is good

but black note If possible, stick together (E-R-T-Y-U-I-O)

So a chromatic mapping on the QWE..P[] row? like

 C |C #| D |D #| E | F |F #| G |G #| A |A #| B |
 Q   W   E   R   T   Y   U   I   O   P   [   ]

Oh never mind, I misunderstood, So you prefer:

 C |C #| D |D #| E | F |F #| G |G #| A |A #| B |
 A   E   S   R   D   F   T   G   Y   H   U   J

instead of the current

 C |C #| D |D #| E | F |F #| G |G #| A |A #| B |
 A   W   S   E   D   F   T   G   Y   H   U   J


i edit code and re-compile
100 % work tnx :wink:

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