Virtual endpoints

Is it possible with a plugin or ardour itself to make virtual endpoints. Basically you know when you click on like master track/bus and click inputs how there would be like HD audio speaker 1 and 2 that but not for a physical hardware aka I could make a virtual one called SB. A example is making one called Browser which would allow the browser audio to go through only browser to basically keep audio separate instead of having it all go into master.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you could use busses for this. Route tracks to the bus you want and then optionally route the busses to the master if you need to hear it: If you turn on exclusive solo in preferences you’d also have an easy way to audition your separated audio.

I dont think that allows me to send audio into ardour separated. aka discord comes into ardour by itself in one bus or track with no other audio besides that applications audio.

I’m not sure which platform you are on but on Linux there is always JACK plus multiple pulseaudio bridge sinks. This might be useful:

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