view time selected region

Dear friends of ardour,
i have ardour 5.8 and have the problem that i cant see the lengh (minutes, seconds) of SELECTED REGION; in VIEW - primary or secondary clock i cant change the way of indicating in that direction that i can see the length of the selected region in minutes and seconds, how can i change that; THANKS A LOT in ADVANCE!!!

By default there is no dedicated display of the selected region length. But Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Toolbar > Show Selection Clock will do what you want (though the clock actually shows the time for both region and range selections.

THANKS PAUL, thanks a lot, i was looking exactly for that selection, have a nice summer!!

There selection-clock was moved into the editor-sidebar in 5.x (Menu > View > Show Editor Lists) because it’s usually only relevant for the editor (not the Mixer – shared common toolbar for the same window). The preference is provided for backwards compatibility or user-specifics.